Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can an HOA in Texas forclose on your Home?

This is why I have reservations about HOAs. They might keep up the neighborhood, I'm not really sure how. Our city is run like an HOA so if you follow the rules your neighborhood should not deteriorate. To pay someone to tell me that I can't put up a flag would drive me nuts. Our city, Richardson Texas, will cite you if one tire of your car is on your own lawn.

I digress, an HOA can foreclose on your property if you don't pay the dues. Ask your realtor and be sure you know everything about the HOA before you move into a neighborhood. If you sign a contract, they can probably do it. Ponder this, you get behind on your HOA dues and they come in and foreclose on your home.

There are petitions out there to stop this practice in Texas. I'm not sure how it works with a homestead. Something we need to blog about.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Water Rationing in Richardson Texas

We need a top to bottom review of our local government, not only for government efficiencies, but for violations of civil liberties.  When city management believes it is illegal to water your yard other than designated days, just blows my mind.  Stealing is illegal, robbery is illegal, killing is illegal, watering the yard when you’re not supposed to is illegal??


If watering your lawn on days not designated is illegal, what is paying for water not used during rationing??  We buy $100 worth of water and we use $100 worth.  Now, we buy $100 worth of water, we ration, we save 25% of the water we bought but we pay $100 dollars.



If our city management was a little more mindful while they are spending our money, maybe we wouldn’t have to worry with our city turning into an “Inner City”.  Before investors relocate to a city they look into the city management.  If the city is giving away millions of our tax money are they going to have enough to go around??  Is there going to be an adjustment when folks realize what city management is doing?? Is the city going to fall apart when they file for bankruptcy??  Why would a company invest in Richardson Texas?? 

At least Amir Omar is looking at ways to save our city, make more sensible decisions, find sensible savings.  Amir Omar will be the most sensible Mayor.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

My City Is Gone

Richardson Texaswas the telecom corridor of the USA.  How did we go from the telecom corridor to inner city??  Will we resign to affordable housing?? 


What will attract long term business to our city??  We have to attract investors.  I guarantee inspecting rentals will not attract investors whether you're living in a rental or leasing one.

Amir Omar on Diversity in Richardson Texas

Amir Omar's answer here is a great portrait of character.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

20 Years Ago

20 years ago we didn't need the city walking up to a neighbor and telling him that one of his cars was parked on an unauthorized portion of HIS yard.
20 years ago we didn't see a car with the city logo driving through the alleys and along the streets looking for citations to write.
20 years ago we didn’t have an iPhone app to make it easier for the city government to report citizens.
20 years ago we didn't have to have the city inspect our neighbor's home to be sure he knows he is living in a safe and healthy home.
20 years ago we didn't have a city forcing landlords to open the home of a Residential tenant to be sure it is safe for the tenant to live in.
Is this what it takes to run a city now?? Is this what it takes to keep a city safe and healthy??
Laura Maczka says that the majority of landlords comply with ordinance 3847 and don't have a problem with the city inspecting their tenants home. Ms. Maczka, did you know that the ordinance has a threat of a $2000 dollar fine if the landlord doesn't comply with the ordinance?? Remove the bullyin' tactic of a $2000 dollar fine and let's see how many landlords register and allow the government to come into their private property.
Our city manager on Rental Inspecitons: 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dallas Morning News and Rental Inspections

I'm not subscribing to the Dallas morning news to comment on one of their stories.  Here's the story

and here's my comment:

The city threatens and bullies its citizens with a $2000 fine if the landlord does not open the tenant’s home for an inspection.  This was not unintended.  The landlords were taken to court because the tenant denied the government unwarranted access to their home.  The city of Richardson was forcing the landlord to open the tenant’s home.  If no one thinks this is a violation of our constitutional rights, then you’re not paying attention.


There is no difference between a landlord and a tenant when it comes to the ability to determine whether a home is safe or not.  A tenant is capable of assessing whether the home is safe to rent.  If it is not safe to rent, the tenant will not lease it.  What part of invasion of privacy don’t we get??  If it wasn’t for the $2000 fine, we’d see how many landlords would allow inspections.  But not for the $2000 dollar fine…..


Amir Omar was the only one on the city council that fought to allow the citizen’s of Richardsonan opportunity to elect our Mayor.  The first time in history the folks of Richardsonare allowed to elect their Mayor. 


If it was left up to Laura Maczka we would not be electing our Mayor on May 11th 2013. 

Vote Amir Omar for Richardson Texas Mayor

This will be the first time in history that Richardson Texas is allowed to vote for their Mayor.

Richardson Texas Early Voting starts today - April 22nd 2013. Get out and vote for your Mayor.

Remember -
Laura Maczka is for registering your property and your tenant.
Laura Maczka is for inspecting your tenant's home against your tenant's objections.
Laura Maczka is against the people of Richardson voting for their Mayor.
Laura Maczka has the support of the entire City Council, who, as a group voted against allowing the citizens the opportunity to elect their Mayor.
Laura Maczka will spend your money with no regard.

Amir Omar is for reviewing the rental registration program.
Amir Omar is against allowing the city government into your tenant's home.
Amir Omar is against forcing the landlord to open the tenant's home contrary to the tenant's objections.
Amir Omar has fought from the beginning to allow the folks of Richardson the opportunity to elect their Mayor.
Amir Omar is the only one on the city council that has the best interests of the citizens of Richardson on his mind.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My City is Gone

Richardson Texas just implemented a new iPhone app that allows citizens to report their neighbor. If you don't like your neighbor, report them. If they aren't cutting their lawn, report them. Don't bother asking your neighbor if they need help, just report them.
If you suspect your neighbor is living in a rental home, report them. If your neighbor is watering the lawn on days other than the days the government allows you to water it, report them. Bushes growing taller than you think they should, report them.
Do you see where this is going?? An app to report your neighbor?? I'll tell you how this is going to be used. I was talking to someone that actually works for the city of Richardson. I pointed out a little car driving through the ally and around the neighborhood with a little City of Richardson sign on the side. I said there goes one of your coworkers. This person said, those are the pests. These are people that the city has hired to drive around the city spying on residents and citing them. I think our taxes should be spent more conservatively.
This new iPhone app is going to be used by these little pests driving around.  They can take a picture of the infraction and file a citation right from their iPhone.  I’ll bet we pay for the iPhones these busy bodies are using to spy on us.
Citizens of Richardson, this is not looking good.  This app was developed by the government, paid for by us to spy on us.  There has to be some law against what this city is doing.  The city council and the city manager are complacent in this misappropriation of tax payer funds.

Cease the Discussion

If it wasn’t for the grassroots efforts and left to the city council, we wouldn’t be discussing the mayoral elections on May 11th, 2013.  If more people were paying attention, our city council wouldn’t be running unopposed.


Donate to Amir Omar For Mayor

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amir Omar and Laura Maczka Debate

This was the real mayoral debate.  Laura Maczka and Amir Omar debate allowing the folks in Richardson Texas the opportunity to vote for their Mayor.

All of these clips were from the city council work session January 30th, 2012.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amir Omar for Richardson Texas Mayor

Some would say that a mayor is only for leading meetings and cutting ribbons.  God Bless Alan North for having the vision of a more democratic government in Richardson Texas.  If there wasn't a successful petition drive, would we be allowed to vote for our mayor??  If left up to the city council, we definitely would not have an election for mayor in Richardson coming up May 11, 2013.  The council voted 6 to 1 to cease the discussion of election over selection.  It would be too hard to figure out how to change the charter. Bob Townsend, Laura Maczka, Scott Dunn, Kendal Hartley, Mark Solomon, Steve Mitchell voted against allowing the citizens of Richardson the opportunity to vote/elect their Mayor directly.  57 years Richardson has allowed the city council members to pick the mayor behind closed doors.  One Richardson Texas city council member voted to allow the citizens of Richardson a chance to direct elect their Mayor, Amir Omar.

My vote for the next ribbon cutter and meeting director of Richardson will be for Amir Omar.  Not only do I admire his fortitude to keep the discussion on the agenda but his leadership will lead this city to profitability.  Private sector meets public sector.  Non-profit meets Profit.  Board of directors meet Tax Payers.

One of the first items we need to have our new mayor look into is the size of our city government.  The number of employees, their salaries, and their retirements need to be slashed.  When the city employees decide it's better to fine and convict the citizens of Richardson before serving them.... there is a problem with the way the city is being run.  My City Is Gone.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Amir Omar On Election rather than Selection

This plea was made right before the city council of Richardson voted to cease the discussion of selection over election. 


See, Richardson Texas had this archaic way of picking their mayor, where, behind closed doors the 7 council members would pick one amongst themselves, a council member, to be mayor.  This was so that the powers that be (behind the curtain) would be able to pick the person that would be the face of Richardson.  If you look at the history of Richardson and go around the city, you can pretty much tell who was a mayor by the number of buildings they have named after themselves.


Any way… Amir Omar was the only one on this council to vote for changing the city charter and allow the citizens a vote for our mayor.  It took a lot of character to stand his ground…. Voted down 6 to 1…. Maybe that’s why he won ‘One Man Dallas’…. Whatever you try to label him…. He is all American and his character is all that should matter to folks.



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dallas Mayoral Elections

Scott Dunn - Richardson Texas City Council Member

Cease The Discussion

Cease The Discussion about the Richardson Mayor

It's Not That Simple

Laura Maczka on allowing the citizens of Richardson Texas to Elect their mayor.

Richardson Texas Mayor

Leading up to this Mayoral election in Richardson has been a long road... and if you had to hoe it... Just ask Amir Omar. 

If you told me that the only reason Amir Omar spent a year going to council meetings and work sessions was to pounce on an opportunity to change the way the city of Richardson selects their Mayor.... I'd say visionary. 

If you told me that Amir Omar campaigned tirelessly to be a council member only to be asked 'who are you going to vote for mayor if you get elected'.... I would lament.

If you told me that Amir Omar would be the go along to get along and then be a lone when the issue of allowing the citizens of Richardson to elect the mayor came up as a short term action item before the city council, I'd say bravery.

We are the home of the brave! Watch this video.

Will they be Educated Enough

Laura Maczka was voted in because the citizens thought that her position was the mayor position and only because it was Mayor Slagel's old position.

The citizens of Richardson need to wake up.  They do not need to be educated.  We have the government we have because there are only 5% of the people voting.  If a candidate receives 51% of 5%, is that a legitimate win??  The charter should require the election has a 30% or more turn out or it needs to be done over with more media coverage.