Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Residential Rental Registration Revisions

Residential Rental Registration and Inspection Revisions were passed in a consent agenda vote, no discussion or comments.  I don’t know if the new ordinance 4016 negates 3847.  It still requires external inspections and forces the landlord to register the tenant.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

What is the city council up to now??

What do you think the Richardson city council is up to now?? The other night we got a survey call regarding the Richardson Residential Rental Registration and Inspection Program. Surveying?? Richardson Texas is surveying select citizens to find out how they feel about the rental registration and inspection program.

And; Finally we have the rental inspection program on the Richardson Texas City Council Agenda.

Finally on the City's agenda but probably not the way they thought it would be.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Historic Mayoral Oath

Historic Mayoral Oath.  We were anticipating Richardson’s first mayoral election for months.  Why wasn’t the judge more prepared??  Was it really a surprise to him that Ms. Maczka was elected mayor?? or was there another message here??

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home Improvement Incentive programs

This is a very interesting program.  From what I’ve been told, the city is giving you back your own tax money for the improvements you’ve made to your home.  But now the government has proof that you made improvements. 


Home improvements increase the appraisal assessments of the neighborhood and raise property tax revenues.  We all want the value of our homes to increase, not to pay more taxes but to receive a higher return on our investment.  We all love modern upgrades.  Is it the government’s business if you have new floors, new countertops, new paint, new appliances, etc??


So now you got your tax rebate but your property taxes have gone up more than any other property in the neighborhood.  You know that your neighbors have made improvements but they didn’t get a rebate.


Maybe it would be wiser NOT to allow the government to document all your upgrades.


Assume that a home improvement project is completed in June, 2008. Further assume that the 2009 property taxes increased $300 above the 2008 property taxes as a result of the increase in the taxable value of the improvements. The total incentive would be $3,000 and would be paid on April 1, 2010.  This is based on the minimum $20,000 dollar investment.


I had to listen to it one more time… I’m a little slow.

The “up front load it” was my concern.  To me, that’s a pay out.  This is just another way for the city inspectors to get in to your home and document your home improvements to be sure you are paying your fair share of the property taxes and insure that you cannot protest the rise in your property tax.  Sneaky.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Data Mining

Let’s compare the rental registration and inspection program with what the federallys are doing, data mining phone records with out a warrant.  Wow! One sentence I nailed it.  What is the difference??  The city is forcing us to provide information about our tenant and forcing us to open up our tenant’s home for a warrantless search.  The difference, the federallies have been caught violating the 4th amendment and the city of Richardsondoes not see anything wrong with it.   

The following is a status on Wendy’s appeal to the Dallas Court of Appeals.  We found out that the Richardson prosecutor, Whit Wyatt, is filing a brief with the Dallas court of appeals.  This should be interesting to see how he justifies prosecuting Wendy for our tenant not allowing the inspectors into his home for an unwarranted inspection.  It should also be interesting how the city justifies the inspector lying on the stand about the correspondence surrounding the November 29th failure to make the property available for inspections ‘court charge’, especially when we did not know they wanted to inspect the tenant’s home that day.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Richardson Texas Budget discussions begin

Budget discussions begin. 2013-2014

$10 Billion taxable city assets.

June 3rd Work Session Item E

Almost giddy about how much money they have at their disposal.
June 3rd Work Session Item F

Complete video can be found on the City of Richardson Website.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Near-Term Action Items before the Mayorial Election

Richardson Texas City Council Near-Term Action Items
A. Communication
  • Evaluate providing handouts and background material for City Council Meetings online prior to or at the time a presentation is made.
  • Evaluate use of social media to communicate important information regarding community updates, events and activities.
B. Community Vitality and Neighborhood Integrity
  • Evaluate the home improvement incentive program and options to provide an incentive for investments lower than $20,000.
  • Evaluate funding strategies, timing and implementation planning for the following:
  • Parks
  • Streets and Alleys
  • Sidewalks
  • Evaluate programs to address neighborhood decline issues to stabilize the overall health of the neighborhood.
  • Review and evaluate the rental registration program and develop fee alternatives and strategies to increase compliance.
  • Evaluate developing a first-time homebuyer program to encourage ownership and residential reinvestment.
  • Evaluate the establishment of a community wide day of caring where Richardson organizations and individuals come together to serve those in need.
  • Develop outreach efforts with neighborhood associations to solicit residents to become involved with Boards and Commissions and other City/Community volunteer opportunities.
  • Evaluate creating a co-op for neighborhood associations to provide improved economies for items such as insurance and maintenance services.
  • Complete an analysis of the condition of screening walls in the City and develop a rating system to assist with future Capital Improvement efforts.
  • Evaluate the implementation of “town hall” meetings specific to the various departments within the City.
C. Economic Development
  • Evaluate strategies to fund redevelopment efforts in the community.
  • Evaluate the development of an incentive program for retail reinvestment.
  • Review and identify ways to leverage and/or expand STAR Tech.
  • Evaluate developing a cluster attraction economic development program
  • Evaluate options for creating an international committee.
D. Education
  • Consider establishing an education round table with a wide-variety of institutions within Richardson.
E. Environmental Management
  • Expand recycling to commercial businesses and multi-family communities.
  • Evaluate the creation of an award program, similar to the community revitalization awards, for environmental reinvestment in both residential and commercial properties.
  • Create and maintain an ongoing list that would identify and promote residential and corporate incentives for environmental and ecological projects.
  • Evaluate increased communication strategies to inform property owners about their responsibility to maintain alleys, creeks, parkways and medians.
  • Review and evaluate energy efficiency studies and plans for future implementation strategies.
  • Evaluate implementing a program that would allow residents to recycle grass clippings and other lawn care waste.
F. Fiscal Responsibility
  • Evaluate the city’s procurement process and review options for providing reasonable preferences to Richardson based businesses on a scheduled basis.
  • Evaluate a multi-city recreation facility in BreckenridgePark.
  • Evaluate vendor contract provisions using appropriate risk management techniques.
  • Evaluate strategies to expand paperless process initiatives.
  • Evaluate strategies for improving city billing systems to achieve efficiencies. Develop a bond evaluation appraisal which reviews future projects, communication strategies, implementation processes and timing.
G. Governance
  • Evaluate video broadcasting boards and commission meetings similar to the City Council Meetings.
  • Create a City Council legislative sub-committee.
  • Evaluate technology enhancements in the City Council Chambers for communication media outreach.
  • Evaluate the Work Session and City Council Meeting formats to improve efficiencies.
  • Utilize work sessions to discuss items of broad community interest specific to the following:
  • Golf
  • EisemannCenter
  • TIF Zone
  • Zero Based Budgeting
  • Election v. Selection of Mayor – Review in time for May 2012 ballot consideration
  • City Charter review
  • Develop a schedule in which each Commission has an opportunity to meet with the City Council in a Council Work Session.
H. Health Care Facilities and Community Wellness
  • Encourage and promote athletic and fitness events within the city.
  • Develop and promote health and fitness initiatives for the Richardson community.
I. Land Use and Development
  • Evaluate enhancing the check cashing ordinance by reviewing the ordinance adopted by the City of Dallas.
  • Evaluate creating an ordinance pertaining to the placement of Hookah lounges.
  • Evaluate strategies tore-purpose underutilized retail areas.
  • Evaluate the creation of a development plan for the 400 block ofWest Arapaho.
  • Initiate the new study area in the Downtown/Main Street area followed by the U.S. 75 corridor.
  • Implement the West Spring Valley reinvestment plan and consider public-private partnerships for redevelopment.
  • Evaluate appropriate opportunities for public-private partnerships for future development, city services/amenities and parks.
  • Evaluate the development of a dog park.
  • Evaluate the development of a skate park.
  • Evaluate property use options south of future GymnasticsCenter.
  • Periodically review the current Comprehensive Land Use Plan including the Master Thoroughfare Plan.
  • Identify gaps of sidewalk continuity and evaluate possible improvement plan.
J. Marketing
  • Evaluate the promotion and marketing of local events within the community that are not city related or sponsored.
  • Evaluate developing a branding and marketing plan.
  • Evaluate the creation of a Young Professionals Focus Group.
K. Public Services
  • Evaluate City Hall/Civic Center facility and operation improvements to enhance the customer/resident experience.
  • Evaluate enhancing art grant funding to include leveraging the EisemannCenter.
L. Transportation and Mobility
  • Evaluate the expansion of the City’s bike lane system and enhancing pavement markings and signage.
  • Advocate for Richardson access points for the HOY lanes on Central Expressway.
  • Advocate for acceleration of development of Cotton Belt rail line.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Why is it imperative for this city to keep promoting that citizens report citizens?? 

The City will send out inspectors 18 hours a day to enforce Stage 3 restrictions and respond to complaints. Residents may report violations by calling 972-744-4111, visiting www.cor.net or using the MyRichardson mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices.

Reporting Water Abuse

Residents are encouraged to report violations via the MyRichardson mobile application, online at www.cor.net, or by calling 972-744-4111. 

I realize water conservation is serious but it seems caustic when every time you turn the page this city is asking its citizens to report each other.  Should we be concerned??


Monday, May 20, 2013

dc-tm election data in case you don't have excel

Total #LauraPercentageAmirPercentageBobPercentageMarkPercentageScottPercentageKendalPercentagePaulPercentageStevePercentage
Precinctof VotersMaczkaof All VotersOmarof All VotersTownsendof All VotersSolomonof All VotersDunnof All VotersHarleyof All VotersVoelkerof All VotersMitchellof All Voters