Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Data Mining

Let’s compare the rental registration and inspection program with what the federallys are doing, data mining phone records with out a warrant.  Wow! One sentence I nailed it.  What is the difference??  The city is forcing us to provide information about our tenant and forcing us to open up our tenant’s home for a warrantless search.  The difference, the federallies have been caught violating the 4th amendment and the city of Richardsondoes not see anything wrong with it.   

The following is a status on Wendy’s appeal to the Dallas Court of Appeals.  We found out that the Richardson prosecutor, Whit Wyatt, is filing a brief with the Dallas court of appeals.  This should be interesting to see how he justifies prosecuting Wendy for our tenant not allowing the inspectors into his home for an unwarranted inspection.  It should also be interesting how the city justifies the inspector lying on the stand about the correspondence surrounding the November 29th failure to make the property available for inspections ‘court charge’, especially when we did not know they wanted to inspect the tenant’s home that day.

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