Monday, June 3, 2013

Near-Term Action Items before the Mayorial Election

Richardson Texas City Council Near-Term Action Items
A. Communication
  • Evaluate providing handouts and background material for City Council Meetings online prior to or at the time a presentation is made.
  • Evaluate use of social media to communicate important information regarding community updates, events and activities.
B. Community Vitality and Neighborhood Integrity
  • Evaluate the home improvement incentive program and options to provide an incentive for investments lower than $20,000.
  • Evaluate funding strategies, timing and implementation planning for the following:
  • Parks
  • Streets and Alleys
  • Sidewalks
  • Evaluate programs to address neighborhood decline issues to stabilize the overall health of the neighborhood.
  • Review and evaluate the rental registration program and develop fee alternatives and strategies to increase compliance.
  • Evaluate developing a first-time homebuyer program to encourage ownership and residential reinvestment.
  • Evaluate the establishment of a community wide day of caring where Richardson organizations and individuals come together to serve those in need.
  • Develop outreach efforts with neighborhood associations to solicit residents to become involved with Boards and Commissions and other City/Community volunteer opportunities.
  • Evaluate creating a co-op for neighborhood associations to provide improved economies for items such as insurance and maintenance services.
  • Complete an analysis of the condition of screening walls in the City and develop a rating system to assist with future Capital Improvement efforts.
  • Evaluate the implementation of “town hall” meetings specific to the various departments within the City.
C. Economic Development
  • Evaluate strategies to fund redevelopment efforts in the community.
  • Evaluate the development of an incentive program for retail reinvestment.
  • Review and identify ways to leverage and/or expand STAR Tech.
  • Evaluate developing a cluster attraction economic development program
  • Evaluate options for creating an international committee.
D. Education
  • Consider establishing an education round table with a wide-variety of institutions within Richardson.
E. Environmental Management
  • Expand recycling to commercial businesses and multi-family communities.
  • Evaluate the creation of an award program, similar to the community revitalization awards, for environmental reinvestment in both residential and commercial properties.
  • Create and maintain an ongoing list that would identify and promote residential and corporate incentives for environmental and ecological projects.
  • Evaluate increased communication strategies to inform property owners about their responsibility to maintain alleys, creeks, parkways and medians.
  • Review and evaluate energy efficiency studies and plans for future implementation strategies.
  • Evaluate implementing a program that would allow residents to recycle grass clippings and other lawn care waste.
F. Fiscal Responsibility
  • Evaluate the city’s procurement process and review options for providing reasonable preferences to Richardson based businesses on a scheduled basis.
  • Evaluate a multi-city recreation facility in BreckenridgePark.
  • Evaluate vendor contract provisions using appropriate risk management techniques.
  • Evaluate strategies to expand paperless process initiatives.
  • Evaluate strategies for improving city billing systems to achieve efficiencies. Develop a bond evaluation appraisal which reviews future projects, communication strategies, implementation processes and timing.
G. Governance
  • Evaluate video broadcasting boards and commission meetings similar to the City Council Meetings.
  • Create a City Council legislative sub-committee.
  • Evaluate technology enhancements in the City Council Chambers for communication media outreach.
  • Evaluate the Work Session and City Council Meeting formats to improve efficiencies.
  • Utilize work sessions to discuss items of broad community interest specific to the following:
  • Golf
  • EisemannCenter
  • TIF Zone
  • Zero Based Budgeting
  • Election v. Selection of Mayor – Review in time for May 2012 ballot consideration
  • City Charter review
  • Develop a schedule in which each Commission has an opportunity to meet with the City Council in a Council Work Session.
H. Health Care Facilities and Community Wellness
  • Encourage and promote athletic and fitness events within the city.
  • Develop and promote health and fitness initiatives for the Richardson community.
I. Land Use and Development
  • Evaluate enhancing the check cashing ordinance by reviewing the ordinance adopted by the City of Dallas.
  • Evaluate creating an ordinance pertaining to the placement of Hookah lounges.
  • Evaluate strategies tore-purpose underutilized retail areas.
  • Evaluate the creation of a development plan for the 400 block ofWest Arapaho.
  • Initiate the new study area in the Downtown/Main Street area followed by the U.S. 75 corridor.
  • Implement the West Spring Valley reinvestment plan and consider public-private partnerships for redevelopment.
  • Evaluate appropriate opportunities for public-private partnerships for future development, city services/amenities and parks.
  • Evaluate the development of a dog park.
  • Evaluate the development of a skate park.
  • Evaluate property use options south of future GymnasticsCenter.
  • Periodically review the current Comprehensive Land Use Plan including the Master Thoroughfare Plan.
  • Identify gaps of sidewalk continuity and evaluate possible improvement plan.
J. Marketing
  • Evaluate the promotion and marketing of local events within the community that are not city related or sponsored.
  • Evaluate developing a branding and marketing plan.
  • Evaluate the creation of a Young Professionals Focus Group.
K. Public Services
  • Evaluate City Hall/Civic Center facility and operation improvements to enhance the customer/resident experience.
  • Evaluate enhancing art grant funding to include leveraging the EisemannCenter.
L. Transportation and Mobility
  • Evaluate the expansion of the City’s bike lane system and enhancing pavement markings and signage.
  • Advocate for Richardson access points for the HOY lanes on Central Expressway.
  • Advocate for acceleration of development of Cotton Belt rail line.

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